Taprock was beyond ready to open in November of 2016.  A young chef was ready for his coat, a bar veteran was ready to see things done his own way, and two cousins were ready to make a vision come to life.  And the people of Unionville were ready to watch the old McGillicuddy’s building transform once again into a place where they could continue to make memories with their friends and neighbors.

Since then we have added several new faces to our team in order to continue to develop  the vision of refuge Pete and Ankit originally had.  As we continue to grow, we stick to the plan;  to unapologetically push out only the food and cocktails that we know we do well, and to do them well every time without fail.



Bryan “Rainman” Burke, Chef
Jared “Tastycakes” Landgren, Sous Chef
Khalid “Uncle Melvin” Williams, Bar Manager
Myles Walsh, GM